3-piece can body Automatic production line

Equipment for the production of tin lids, cans. Coating equipment, equipment for tin lithography.

Our company provide  and supplies 3-piece can body Automatic production line. Our equipment is supplied to Asia, Australia, Europe and complies with CE standard. Our equipment is used to produce various tin containers: canned food, beverages, chemicals and aerosols.

• Productivity: 150-500 pcs / min
• Diameter of cans: 52-180 mm
• Height of cans: 50-280 mm
• Sheet thickness: 0.14-0.3 mm
• Welding speed: 30-65 m / min

The composition of the production line:
• Disc scissors
• Automatic welding of tin can body
• Weld protection system
• Automatic drying machine for the protective coating of the weld
• Conveyor to transport cans
• Machine for making can body
• Can Tightness Testing Machine
• Palletizer
In the production of our equipment, we use components from leading world manufacturers, which guarantees both the quality of our lines and the high quality of the products manufactured on them.