Aerosol spray can production equipment

Equipment for the production of tin lids, cans. Coating equipment, equipment for tin lithography.

Линия по производству аэрозольных баллонов

Our company offers automatic and semi-automatic equipment for the production of aerosol cans, domes and bottoms for them.

The manufacturing process of aerosol cans consists of the following technological processes:

Cutting sheet metal with a pre-applied paint and varnish coating (lithography)
Twisting into a cylinder of the required size and diameter,
Seam welding.
Rolling the bottom and dome of the cylinder, made separately, to the cylinder body.
Checking the cylinder for tightness.

Automatic and semi-automatic lines differ in the degree of automation, speed and the number of personnel involved in the production process. An automatic line is more expensive, but due to its higher productivity it is often more profitable to operate.


Automatic line

Capacity: 30-60 pcs / min

Suitable can’s diameter: 52-73 mm

Total power: 42kw

Semi-automatic line

Capacity: 15-35 pcs / min

Total power: 33kw


Our equipment is of high quality, reliability and affordable price.

To buy a Line for the production of aerosol cans, please contact our specialists.