Metal Cutting Equipment

Equipment for the production of tin lids, cans. Coating equipment, equipment for tin lithography.

The line of longitudinal and transverse cutting of rolled tin is intended for cutting rolled tin or aluminum into straight or scroll sheets. The equipment performs the dissolution of metal with a thickness of 0.15, cutting the rolled metal into strips up to 10 pcs., Or into sheets (scroll-sheets or regular).
By production of the equipment components of the leading global manufacturers are used.
Equipment features:
• Roll width: 600-1100 mm
• Cutting accuracy: ± 0.15 mm
• Sheet length: 500-1200 mm
• Maximum roll weight: 12 tons
• Metal thickness: 0.15-0.5 mm
Line composition:
• Automatic hydraulic roll decoiler
• Hydraulic device for loading the roll
• Hydraulic station
• Equalizer
• Skroll cutting with servo
• Sheet receiving device
• Belt conveyor
• Palletizers
• Hydraulic platform
• Rollers
• Control system
We supply lines for cutting coiled metal of various configurations in accordance with the customer’s specifications. For the selection of equipment, please contact our specialists.