Our company is engaged in the provide of projects in the market of metal packaging: the production of tin caps, cans, aerosol cans, varnishing, lithography, tin, etc. We also supply various types of tin lids (twist-off lids, SKO lids, Easy open lids, bottle caps, etc.), as well as food sheet.

Our office is located in one of the largest cities in China – Hangzhou, and production facilities are located in Zhoushan.

Our production:

Equipment for the production of twist-off caps
Equipment for the production of  SKO caps
Equipment for the production of the ends of cans (lids, bottoms)
Easy open cap production equipment
Equipment for the production of two-piece cans
Equipment for the production of three-part welded cans
Equipment for varnishing and lithography of tin
Coil Cutting Equipment
Metal covers (Twist-off, Easy open, beer caps)
Food tin
Press mold for caps

Using the most advanced technology, our equipment can produce caps of the highest quality. The geography of supplies of our equipment includes Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East.

We are professionals in our business and are ready to share with you our many years of experience in the production of tin packaging. Our experts will help you solve the most complex tasks.

We look forward to collaborating.