Metal plate printing line

Equipment for the production of tin lids, cans. Coating equipment, equipment for tin lithography.

We offer equipment for applying printing on metal sheets, which ensures high print quality and high wear resistance.
We offer lithographic machines with a number of print colors from 1 to 6.
1. Our lithographic machines are made from imported components, which ensures high reliability of equipment
2. Three printing cylinders arranged vertically for ease of operation.
3. Automatic adjustment of synchronization between the feeder and the main engine by simply pressing a button
4. Drive without shaft is used. Two printed pairs are controlled by a separate engine, so they are independent
5. Rollers for rollers / ink channels are controlled separately by a frequency converter for continuous speed changes and synchronized / tracked with the main motor.
6. The main drive device with a simple structure has only one communication bus for connecting the PLC and is easily serviced.
7. A different and modern water / ink roller arrangement ensures print quality.
8. Improved structure and stable performance.
Technical specifications:
Maximum sheet size: 1145 * 970 mm.
Minimum sheet size: 712 * 510 mm.
Sheet thickness: 0.15-0.4 mm.
Maximum print format: 1135 * 960mm.
The size of the printing plate: 1160 * 1040 * 0.3 mm.
Size of a rubber cloth: 1175 * 1120 * 1.9 mm.
Edge of capture: 5 mm.
Maximum printing speed: 6000 sheets per hour
Conveyor height: 916 mm.
Maximum storage capacity: 2.5 tons.
Main motor power: 15 kW.
Air pump consumption: 80 + 100 cubic meters.