Metal plate coating line

Equipment for the production of tin lids, cans. Coating equipment, equipment for tin lithography.

We offer high quality tin coating equipment that meets the highest international requirements.
1. A variable frequency motor is used as the main motor that runs smoothly with low power consumption.
2. Spatial accuracy in the vertical direction is within +/- 0.25 mm
3. The oil roller and lower roller use a high precision angular contact ball bearing with pre-tension between the axles to ensure a uniform coating thickness.
4. All main drive gears are helical gears with a long service life and high precision, which ensures the quality of the coating
5. The impression cylinder is made of cast iron alloy with abrasion / corrosion resistance.
Technical specifications:
Maximum sheet size: 1145 * 960 mm.
Minimum sheet size: 680 * 473 mm.
Conveyor height: 916 mm.
Size of a rubber cloth: 324-339 mm. without spaces, 329 (+0.5) mm. with spaces.
Rubber roller length: 1145 mm.
Covering speed: 6000 sheets per hour
The size of the coating shaft: Ф220 * 1145 mm.
The size of the pressure shaft: Ф200 * 1145 mm.