2-Pcs Cans Automatic Production Line

Equipment for the production of tin lids, cans. Coating equipment, equipment for tin lithography.

Our company offers an automatic line for the production of seamless 2-pcs cans.

The automatic line for tin can production makes it possible to produce cans of various sizes.

The production line includes gantry presses with CNC, automatic metal feeding device, conveyors.
Main settings:
1. Working pressure: 45-120 tons
2. Stamping / min: 130-220 strokes
3. Loading the matrix: cavity 1-7
4. Max. Stretch height: 60 mm
5. Maximum sheet size: 1100 * 1100 mm
6. Maximum sheet thickness: 0.40 mm
7. Maximum closed height: 350 mm
8. Height adjustment: 15 mm

There are appropriate molds for pulling / twisting.

The production line can be adjusted according to your requirements.

Our equipment is of high quality and reliability.

In order to buy equipment for the production of two-part cans, please contact our sales department.